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3D Bullet Timeslice Booth

Fastest Cam Control

Control multiple cameras from our software and create amazing 3D effect for 180 degree or 360 degree to make your live event remarkable.

Video Stabilization

You can change the camera settings & adjust the stabilization directly from the software.

Fastest Preview

Capture images from all of the cameras at once without using any trigger box. Our software will automatically generate 3D matrix-like effect within seconds.


Automated 360 video effect

Exploring 360

For single camera events, our automated 360 video effect solution will give you plenty of opportunities to explore. Add logos, green screen effects, digital props & many other branding choices from the software for your events.

Easy to use

Ease your events with our automated solution and get maximum Instagrammable results.

Easy Template Creation

Create effect template and apply with our 1-click fully automatic video effect automation for live events


Diphideo Sharing Station

Social Sharing Hub

Share your images/videos via email in a secured and fast media sharing hub. Choose the desired photos from our own gallery and print as marketing targets.

Data Analyze

Data collection and analyzing is also possible for future reference. No more hassle over cloud storage or internet speed.

Sharing Options

Email, WhatsApp, Printing, Social Sharing System, designed with innovative user experience.


Diphideo Microsite Gallery

Collect Consumer Info

You can use our app to collect consumer info across multiple devices or access points. You can use our API too. If you need custom integration for your Business Intelligence to process directly from raw, then we are the best in the market to do raw ETL.

Connect with CRM

It can be sent to your preferred CRM tool or custom tool. Let us know about your requirements or refer to your technical team, then we will find the right solution for your business intelligence.

Built-in Image Processing

You will get all the important imaging tool to process your gallery files. Also provide customization!

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