There are two overlay feature(s). They are following:

  1. Frame Overlay
  2. Logo or Brand Overlay

Both option needs transparent PNG image. Transparent requires extra alpha channel(A) whose value will be 0 (zero). You can use any photo/image editing tool like Photoshop to create it.

Frame Overlay:

Frame overlay is similar to picture frame we use in our everyday life. For example:

Elegant Dark Floral | Photobooth template, Photo booth, Dark floral


So, if you use frame overlay for the branding where you can have one(1) / two(2) / three(3) transparent rectangle, then you can choose single frame from video or camera 1, camera 2, camera 3 or any camera number according to the number of transparent rectangle. Max limit is 3 currently.

First you run our software Diphideo Sharing Station, then click Overlay button from dashboard board / Admin console. Then select the Frame Overlay. Don’t select the logo overlay if you want the above feature.

Logo or Brand Overlay:

If you want to put branding logo or other symbol on top of the image, then you should select this one. It is also very straightforward, just select your PNG image then click apply button.

Image Size then?

OK, Image size is important for option 2 (Logo or Brand Overlay).

Logo/Overlay image size should be according to the source/input/original image size (ex: input directory).

You need to make overlay image size according to the original image size.

Size means Width x Height, (ex: 2592 x 1728)