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Our Story

Welcome to COR2TECT, your number one source for experiential marketing, video marketing, and live events needs through our flagship software solutions. We're dedicated to providing you with the very best bespoke business IT solutions, with an emphasis on usability and automation. We are a software research company with 100% dedication to Computer Vision, Image Processing, Automation, and Complex Solutions.

COR2TECT has come a long way from its outset and ​it all started in 2009 b​y Sharif Bhuiyan, a software enthusiast from Bangladesh. When Sharif Bhuiyan first started out it was just to help a few clients by outsourcing, but as the days went by a passion for software grew and the idea of helping mass people using a platform drove him to start a company named COR2TECT in 2009.

Human interacts with human, we do not like to interact with bots or machines. That's why here at COR2TECT we focus on establishing human contact point which is available 24/7. Whatever it is Sunday or Friday we are always here around the clock for our clients so that they never miss out on any business opportunity.

Now we are continuously improving our current product(s) and developing many possible best software solutions for the various photo booths, experiential marketers and corporate event organizers. Now we are focusing only on the​ automation workflow architecture​ for the event industry. No task is too big or too small for us as we are driven by passion. COR2TECT brings strength and energy by creating a one-stop solution for all kinds of situational needs. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we believe helping our clients out is our duty as we thrive on creating a robust bond with our clients.

Our Product

The journey for our first commercial implementation of Camera SDK for multiple cameras dates back to 2013 for an NYC based client named Foto Novelty. Since then, for many clients around the globe, we have developed many high and low-end applications and libraries in all platform(s).

After the first successful implementation, we began developing the technology for all kinds of events such as Advertising Event, Music Video, Short Films, Wedding Ceremony video, Photo Booth, Video Booth and much more, called Timeslice / Bullet Time Effect. The positive response from clients is what fueled us to question the traditional approach and build solutions that seemed paradoxical.

We are now continuing to develop tons of other great TimeSlice application image & video processing solutions and many other different systems using automation and computer vision. By the end of this year, more creative event activation & image/video processing technology will arrive so make sure you keep an eye on our website for more innovative accomplishments.