3D Timeslice Booth (GIF.MP4.MORE)

We offer the most complete 3D Multi-Camera Timeslice Package for your Next Event! Include in your service list Now!

3D Timeslice booth for Live Events

Make hypnotic 3D effects, GIF and Videos to make your each event a party to remember forever. With our superior Multi-Camera Timeslice technology are now easier than ever. Our software will integrate the whole process automatically with total accuracy and efficiency. Automatic remote triggering and precise stabilization let you take nifty photos with absolute ease and comfort.

It can be used for 90, 120, 180, 360 degree Time Freezing Motion & can be shared instantly. If you are looking for the ultimate wow factor and the most impressive social engagement/brand activation, then our solution is world class. We are COR2TECT, we provide best automatic software experience in 3D booth.

Unique Features for your Business

Automated Remote Triggering
Fast & Accurate stabilization
Full automation – No extra device needed
Works with any Camera Rig Style
2D, 3D & Mixed reality
Quick workflow and prompt output
Bespoke Live Preview on screen
Intro & Outro video integration

3D Timeslice Booth Spec

Question Answer
Operating System (OS) Win 7, 8, 10, Surface and Mac OS X
Camera Model Canon DSLR/Nikon DSLR/SONY/Webcam(any brand)
Dynamic Auto Alignment 1 second
Unattended Mode Yes, use Remote presentation clicker to Capture and create video unattendedly
Software Trigger/Shutter Delay Between Camera(s) 1000 microseconds
Machine Type Support both Laptop and Desktop , you can use either single or multiple machine(s) based on your requirements.
Cluster Mode Yes if you want to support more camera(s) like 120, 200, 250 or more
Cable Setup USB
Who will fix camera(s) viewpoint? Yes, software will do that auto based on your settings
Where to save? Default saving mode is PC for bullet time but you can use external storage or both
Mode of Trigger Default mode is Analogue triggering mode. If CAPTURE from software then system will switch to Software triggering mode
Staggering Animation Yes, supported for staggering effect/ 3D slow motion
Software functions Apply the setting(s) from software together. Funtions are ISO, Aperture, Constrast, Shutter, Mirror Lock, WB, Color Tone, Saturation, image format (JPEG, CR2) and many other settings
Fail-Safe Yes, saves all the camera order and global settings. So no hassle next time or setup delay
Live View Mode Yes for each camera all together. It helps to position the camera(s) viewpoint while all the camera(s) are connected
Video Mode Yes, BEFORE or AFTER shot Video session will be merged with freezing effec
Green Screen Mode Supported
Frame Randomization Supported
Long Exposure Bulb mode (Light Painting) Supported, you can do light painting as well
Customization Yes, always!
24/7 Support? Yes, included!

Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing is perpetual cloud licensing. If your computer crashed or if anything happens to the PC you are using our software in, then you can transfer your license to another PC with free of cost by letting us know.
Yes, we do live demonstration of our software.
You will need a computer, powered USB hubs according the number(s) of camera(s), camera array rig, and power adapters for the cameras.
Usually almost all of canon devices work perfectly with our softwares and will give you the best results. But other camera models also work with the softwares. Please contact via contact page or email to info@cor2tect.com for more details.
Yes, it does. It works with any size or shape. Make sure you have the right equipment and our software will do the rest. Please contact via contact page or email to info@cor2tect.com for more details.
Yes, we do. We can provide tailor-made or custom integration for your business & 24/7 support.

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