Camera & Image SDK

We offer Intuitive Plug & Play Camera SDK & Real-Time algorithmic solution for your Industry

Intuitive Multi/Single Camera SDK for
Non-Tech people!

You want to control Single or Many cameras without being an engineer, right? Then, VOILA...
COR2TECT has developed an amazing solution that helps you integrate and automate the whole process very easily and precisely. Our SDK is very intuitive and can be used for various platform without facing any complexities of programming.

Our SDK solution can give you best Studio Photograpy, Wedding photography or Video moment experiences without being an engineer or tech savy person. We will help you to integrate Camera controlling in less than an hour.

Unique methods for your development

Intuitive API
Sample Code Provided
Built-in FlipBook Funtion
Image Processing Included
Capture with LiveView
Printing, Overlay
Fastest Software Triggering

Camera SDK Spec

Question Answer
Operating System (OS) Win 7, 8, 10, Surface and Mac OS X
Camera Model Canon DSLR/Nikon DSLR/SONY/Webcam(any brand)
Cable Setup USB or WI-FI
Video and Image Yes
FlipBook mode Yes, you can create your own flipbook booth
Intuitive Interface Yes, we take care of your tech part
Customization Yes, always!
Something in mind? Please contact with us in details
24/7 Support? Yes, included!

Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing is Monthly & Yearly. Please contact us for more details.
Yes, we do. We will provide high quality integration support to your team.
Usually almost all of canon devices work perfectly with our softwares and will give you the best results. But other camera models also work with the softwares. Please contact us for more details.
You will need a computer, cameras, usb cables, and power adapters for the cameras.

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