Fully Automatic Video Effect Automation for Live Events

We offer the most complete 360 Software Platform

360 Video Effect for Single Camera

Who says the world doesn’t revolve around you? Let your clients immerse themselves in awe-inspiring effects and breathtaking magic of 360 videography. Challenge the rules of reality with special effects and green screen tricks. We combine your imaginative videography with our expert technical ability to create 360 video effects for your events.

Our software will make your videos look exactly the way you want it to be. From motion change to adding magical effects everything is possible.

Unique Features for your Business

Slow/Fast Motion - speed control
Queuing for Real Time Event
Green screen, digital props & overlays
Any kind of camera is supported
Apply various effects automatically
Hassle free Adaptive License
Flexible Timeline Editing
Preset with Multi-Effect session

360 Video Booth Spec

Question Answer
Operating System (OS) Win 7, 8, 10, Surface
Camera Model Canon/Nikon DSLR/SONY/Webcam/GoPro
Mixing effect Yes by editing timeline auto
Live Preview for Timeline Yes
Custom effect Upon request
Preset Yes
Save Snapshot Yes
Live Preview with Sharing Yes, cross device with portability.
Green Screen Yes
Multiple Camera Yes, multiple camera can be integrated for complex effect & motion
Queuing Time Less than 5 sec
Intro/Outro/Overlay/Audio Yes
Mode of Trigger You can use remote control or from PC
Customization Yes, available
24/7 Support? Yes, included!

Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing is perpetual cloud licensing. If your computer crashed or if anything happens to the PC you are using our software in, then you can transfer your license to another PC with free of cost by letting us know.
You will need a Computer, Camera, USB Cable/WiFi, and power adapter for the camera.
Any Camera is OK with our software. Please contact via contact page or email us for more details.
Yes, we do. We can provide tailor-made or custom integration for your business & 24/7 support.

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